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The Love Center Church is a place where God’s people assemble for worship, fellowship, and biblical instruction to serve as a bridge to the community connecting God with the world He loves.  We are a God-loving, Jesus sharing, Holy Spirit leading family of believers that are committed to reaching the lost, serving communities, impacting lives and enlarging God’s kingdom on the earth. 

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Each week we offer great opportunities to fellowship with one another. During these uncertain times it's important we continue to grow in our faith together.

Our live sermons

Listen to Our Latest Sermons on Facebook Live!

You can join us at church in your home on Facebook Live or in the house every single Sunday at 11am! There is nothing like entering into worship and getting the fresh impacting word and fellowship each week! Join the family!

“Bridging the gap.” 

Proverbs 19:17

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Where it all began...

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